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Pick. Score. Win.

Welcome back to another season of CES Picks! Make your picks, play with new features, and win huge weekly prizes — including a chance at $10,000 and $25,000.

CES Picks 2020 on Iphone
Iphone Screenshot of Picks Schedule

Pick Winners. Win Prizes.

Submit your weekly picks and accumulate points throughout the season. Weekly prizes are given away to the top three scoring players, and the grand prize goes to the top scorer at the end of the 2020-2021 season.

Stack Up Your Winnings

Weekly Prizes

First Place

$500 NFL Shop Gift Card

Second Place

$250 NFL Shop Gift Card

Third Place

$150 NFL Shop Gift Card

Double Prize Weeks

First Place

$1,000 NFL Shop Gift Card

Second Place

$500 NFL Shop Gift Card

Third Place

$250 NFL Shop Gift Card

Win Cold Hard Cash

You have all season to qualify for the $10,000 and $25,000 raffles at the end of the season. All you have to do? Go perfect for a week.

$10,000 Prize

Select all of the winning teams in a single week and you’ll get entered into a raffle drawing for $10,000!

$25,000 Prize

Select all of the winning teams + guess the correct tiebreaker score, and you’ll get entered into a raffle drawing for $25,000!

Unlimited Leagues Screenshot

The Grand Prize

Score the most points throughout the season, and you’ll be bound for a trip to Dallas, Texas, for a Dallas Cowboys game, including airfare, lodging, and transportation. How ‘bout that deal?
Live Game Updates Screenshot

Invite Your Friends. Embarrass Your Rivals.

Invite anyone to play in your league with just a few taps — and we mean anyone.
Leaderboard Standings Screenshot

Preset Leagues

Join the same league and compete directly against friends, family, coworkers, and rivals. Everyone’s fair game.
Team Connection Screenshot

Live Game Updates

Never miss a game’s biggest moments. With live game updates, you can watch each score and each play happen in real time.
Team Connection Screenshot

Integrated Live Feed

Select your favorite teams and get notifications on injury reports and the latest team news for a better sports app experience.
Team Connection Screenshot

Real-Time Weather Forecasts

Rain, sleet, or snow, some teams play better in harsh conditions. See real-time weather forecasts for kickoff and make smarter picks.
Team Connection Screenshot

Leaderboard Standings

See how close you got to winning it all that week against the app’s best players, and watch yourself climb the leaderboard ranks throughout the season.

Win the Playoffs + The Big Game

For the first time ever, we’re not calling it quits when the regular season ends! Play all the way through the playoffs AND the Big Game to wrap up the season.

Download Now!

It’s game time! Pick, score, and win big this football season with the CES Picks App! Compete against friends, family, and co-workers for weekly prizes, including a huge cash prize when the season ends! Download CES Picks today, and get ready for kick off.